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As a licensed aesthetician, I’ve spent over 20 years in practicing skincare treatments with the latest non-invasive technologies in the beauty industry, combining the ancient science of Ayurved. The core concept of my services revolve around anti-aging benefits and maintaining your skin- health with 100% certified organic and natural ingredients. 

I am a huge proponent of skincare that harnesses the power of nature. The youth-enhancing formulations I use in my treatment room is:

🌿 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC &             NATURAL 

This plant based ~ Cryo-Stem technology is a new gold standard in skin therapy ; which is the most effective and ALL-NATURAL TREATMENT TILL DATE. It signals cell-to-cell communication that turns back the clock on your appearance and revitalizes your skin to its natural luminosity with progressive healthy aging benefits.

All the unique facial treatments are designed in πŸƒ UNISON WITH AYURVED and LEADING EDGE TECHNOLOGIES πŸƒto help you look youthful and vibrant with every session that is customized to honor your skin requirements.

The most popular amongst my treatments are :

πŸƒ  Non-Invasive Face-Lift
      ( cryo-stem therapy )

πŸƒ Microchanneling ~ Microneedling

πŸƒ Lymphatic Drainage Face-Lift

πŸƒ Oxygen Brightening Treatment

πŸƒ Jessner Peel ( Medical ~ Grade )

πŸƒ Cocktail Peels ( 100% Natural )

Growing up, I was enamored by the world of skincare and beauty: creating concoctions from spices, herbs, seeds and oils available to me at home became an exciting hobby. Ultimately, I started equating clear skin with NATURAL INGREDIENTS recipes.

While dabbling in various at-home beauty treatments, my source of inspiration was always my grandmother. She introduced me to homemade beauty recipes and the world of Ayurved. It is a 7,000 years old medicine system that offers a holistic, preventative and curative approach towards lifestyle to nurture your mind, body and soul.

Beauty secrets in India were passed down from generations to generations. I decided to turn my hobby into driven relationship with clients like you who want to prioritize their skin health with a natural and holistic approach. My immense faith in the system as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, led me to launch my skincare products brand: ' Sonali Devesh ' in the year 1998.

Skincare is about
uplifting your spirits and enhancing your mental wellness. Your skin is a reflection of the way you treat and care for yourself.

I believe in empowering women of all ages and ethnicities with their natural beauty that shines through their wellbeing.   

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